Introducing the Phobotic Centerpiece,
a leap in gimbal performance

Phobotic Centerpiece


3 axis, single IMU, 7.4v-23v.

Phobotic Centerpiece HV

Centerpiece HV

3 axis, dual IMU, 7.4v-42v.


What makes Centerpiece your next gimbal controller?

Fully Automatic Tuning
CANBUS Interconnects
Dual IMU Support (19 Axis Sensing)
Dual/Triple Processor, Low Latency Architecture
Operation At Any Angle
Fully Independent Cinematic Follow Modes
Active Vibration Damping
Absolute Heading Reference
Onboard Setup Interface
Flexible Connectivity
Precise Battery Voltage Compensation

The ultimate 3-axis image stabilization

Technical Specifications

Feature Centerpiece Centerpiece HV
Supplied IMUs / Max IMUs 1 / 2 2 / 2
Input Voltage 7.4v - 23v (2S - 5S) 7.4v - 42v (2S - 10S)
Max Sustained Current 10A 12A
Reverse Polarity Protection x x
Battery Level Measurement And Compensation x x
Comprehensive Ferrite Isolation x x

Feature Centerpiece Centerpiece HV
IMU CANBUS Ports 2x JST-ZH 4 Positions 2x JST-ZH 4 Positions
High Power Expansion Port 1x JST-ZH 8 Positions 1x JST-ZH 8 Positions
Bluetooth - x
SBUS IN / OUT 1 / 1 1 / 1
Spektrum In 2 2
PWM IN / OUT 4 In / Out + 4 Out Only 4 In / Out + 4 Out Only

Feature Centerpiece Family
Main Processor STM32F4, 168MHz
IMU Processor STM32F3, 72MHz
IMU Connectivity CANBUS
Barometer x

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